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Things to consider when choosing a storage location for your caravan or motorhome.

Things to consider when choosing a storage location for your caravan or motorhome.

There are a number of factors to consider when you are choosing a storage location for your caravan or motorhome.  The basic choice comes down to whether you are going to store at home or at secure storage location away from your home.    

Storing your caravan at home often seems like the most convenient and cost effective option but often having the space to do this can be an issue.  If you have a big enough garage or driveway to accommodate your caravan or motorhome, great, although do bear in mind that if your caravan is convenient and easy for you to access, it will be convenient and easy for others to access as well.  Recent government studies showed that almost half of caravan thefts are from private driveways.  Another thing to consider here is that if you normally park your caravan at home, it’s absence will be a sure fire sign that you are away and may make your house a target for thieves.  You do also usually need to be able to get your vehicle off the road to fulfil insurance criteria  There are various security measures you can put in place to help to secure your caravan or motorhome, when stored at home, see the recommendations from Tower Insurance here

Off-site caravan storage is often the only option for those who do not have sufficient space at home to store their unit.  Again, there are security considerations here.  You should ensure that any storage location has suitable security.  Whilst it may be tempting financially to look at storage offered on farm land or similar, this is often not very secure and can also be difficult to access.  It is also worth looking at the impact on your insurance of your chosen storage.  When storing at home, your postcode will have an affect on the cost of your cover.   

For those looking for secure caravan storage in the South West of England, our secure storage facility, Near Yeovil, Somerset offers a high level of security.  There is no access to the storage compound without prior authorisation, other than by our own staff and we have automatic number plate recognition barriers coming in and out of the park.  As part of our storage contract we will put in place all the security measures required by your insurers at no extra charge and we have CCTV set up covering the perimeter of the storage area.  There is someone on site 24 hours per day/seven days a week so you can always be confident that the site is being monitored.  

Our site, near Yeovil in Somerset is easily accessible from the M5 and A303 so an idea place to stop off to collect your caravan for a trip to Devon or Cornwall   We offer pitch fee reductions to our storage customers and have an approved workshop on site for repairs and servicing, ideal if you want to give your van a once over ready for your first trip of the year.