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Getting your motorhome ready for winter

Getting your motorhome ready for winter

It Is important to winterise your motorhome before the cold weather sets in.  Taking steps to do this in good time will mean that you are ready to hit the road again when the better weather comes in the spring.    

Cleaning before winter    

Thoroughly cleaning and waxing the exterior of your motorhome at the end of the season is advised before putting it away for winter and will safeguard the paintwork by providing an extra layer of protection.  Remove any signs of green mould from the outside and give everything a thorough clean and hoover on the inside.  

It is a good idea to leave beds in the open position to allow air to circulate and keep the interior mould free.  Make sure you are not making your motorhome attractive to over-wintering pests by ensuring that all traces of food crumbs etc. are removed from the inside.  Leave the fridge door and cupboard doors ajar to maintain airflow and stop the potential for mould growth in these areas.   

Thoroughly drain down any water from tanks and waste water collectors.  Leaving the taps open will allow air to circulate through the water pipes.  The toilet cassette should also be thoroughly washed.   Have a good check around the interior of windows and doors to ensure that the rubber seals do not need replacing and deal with any that do.   

Check the interior of any cupboards and storage spaces for evidence of any damp ingress.  Again, leaving these cupboard doors open will help to ensure that air circulation to these areas is maintained whilst your motorhome is off the road.  Keeping a moisture absorbing dehumidifier inside will also help with this.   

If you have an awning, make sure that this is fully dry before you put it away for the winter to stop the possibility of mould growth and preserve the fabric.   

If that all sounds like hard work – our Approved Workshop, Nr. Yeovil in Somerset can take the hard work out of this for you.  We offer a full wash and wax and motorhome habitation service, following the Approved Workshop Scheme’s rigorous standards  You can also stock up with parts and consumables in our parts shop at the same time.  Having this all in place before the winter will mean that you are ready to hit the road in the spring.   If you are looking to securely store your unit over the winter, we still have a few spaces available.  See the details on our Storage information page.  Our storage facility, Nr Yeovil, is easily accessible from both the M5 and A303 – why not make a weekend of it!  There are loads of great events coming up in the area.