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5 Reasons to get out camping in September

5 Reasons to get out camping in September

It’s easy to think that summer is over and pack the camping gear away once the kids go back to school and the nights start to draw in but, September is still a great month for camping, even if you just manage a Saturday night away, it’s a great way to unwind after a hectic couple of weeks back to work and school.  Here are 5 good reasons why September is still a great month for camping.

  • The weather is still OK (ish)    

OK, so you are unlikely to be out sunbathing and you will definitely need a few extra layers for the evenings but generally speaking, September can still offer some nice warm sunshine and warmish weather (especially here in Somerset).  As long as you make sure to bring some extra blankets or duvets you should still be cosy enough.  Have a look at the tips for keeping warm on the camping with style website for some great tips.

  •    It’s less busy   

Campsites are a lot less busy at this time of year so you are unlikely to be queuing up for the showers or the washing up area!  You should also get the benefit of being able to pick the best pitches.

  • It’s cheaper   

 Once the schools are back after the long summer break you will benefit from low season rates

  • It’s a brilliant time to explore the outdoors

September is great month for getting your wellies on and getting out and about.  The cooler weather means that walking and cycling can be more comfortable without the intense heat of summer (OK, moderate heat!)  Whether you like walking, cycling or fishing the September is a beautiful time to explore Somerset and appreciate the amazing autumn colours.  Have a look at our activities pages for some ideas on things to do in the area. The National Trust gardens at nearby Montacute House and further afield at Prior Park and Barrington Court are great for autumn colour.

  • Darker Evenings

Although this may not seem like much of a benefit, anyone who has camped with younger children will know the challenges of summer camping when the days are long and the mornings are early!!  The darker evenings and quieter campsites of September mean that, hopefully, everyone will be getting a bit more sleep.  Chillier evenings mean it a great time to snuggle up and watch a movie, play a board game or just relax with a book.  It’s also a great excuse for hot chocolate!  The fact that it is not light at 5 am is also a bonus!   

Of course, you will need to be prepared for the eccentricities of the English climate and make sure you have your water-proofs, warm socks, a hat and perhaps a hot water bottle.  It is also a good idea to have a shelter of some kind which you can cook under out of any rain and wind.    So, don’t pack you camping stuff away just yet, there is still the opportunity to get out there for a late camping break before winter.

Our rural Somerset campsite has level pitches suitable for tents, motorhomes and caravans as well as our brilliant glamping pod, complete with proper bed for sleeping two in total comfort, ideal it you fancy a bit of extra luxury.