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Top 5 Tips for Spring Camping

Top 5 Tips for Spring Camping

The springtime is a great time of year for camping and we love getting out in the fresh air when the spring flowers are out and the weather starts to warm up.  Winter was slow to leave us this year so spring was off to a bit of a slow start – and then it was, briefly, summer!   If you weren’t lucky enough to have taken advantage of the recent hot weather and are planning a camping trip over the coming Early May Bank holiday - have a look at our top tips below for getting your camp on this Spring. 

1.    Be prepared for bad weather…  Actually, this is England so you need to be prepared for any weather!  It could be cold, wet, windy, sunny, thundery, snowy or a combination of any of these if you are camping at this time of year.  Make sure you have an adequate sleeping bag and extra blankets for warmth at night and plenty of layers.  The sun can be really hot at this time of year (as we have recently found out) but once it goes down in the evening or on cloudy days it can still be distinctly chilly! Packing extra clothes and particularly spare footwear in case you get wet is a really good idea.   

2.    Make sure you have adequate entertainment if camping with children.  Being cooped up in a tent on a wet day could be lovely if you are able to spend some time reading or relaxing with a blanket and a cup of something hot.  Less so if you are camping with children who will quickly become bored if they can’t get outside.  As well as having a ready supply of crafts and games which you can play inside to keep children entertained in inclement weather – have some pre-planned excursion ideas up your sleeve which you can enjoy regardless of the weather outside.

3.    Mud…  Be prepared for muddy, soft ground at this time of year.  As well as making sure you have adequate clothing and footwear, think about ways you can keep the inside of your tent, caravan or motorhome clean. A basket for shoes at the entrance to your tent is a good idea, as is an entrance mat of some kind.  As well as the practicalities of keeping things clean when you have soft ground to contend with – make sure that you have suitable equipment – if tent camping for instance, more heavy duty tent pegs are a good idea for softer ground.  Also, think about where you are parking vehicles laden with your camping gear!

4.    Think about Food before you go... You are likely to be grateful for hot food if you are camping in cooler weather.  Pre-prepared food that you can reheat can be a massive time saver, I often take frozen pasta sauces or curry on a camping trip which keep fine for a few days in a cool box.  If it’s really cold – look for a nice pub with a fire!

5.    Have a plan for wet set up and take down.  There are few things more depressing than putting up or taking down a tent in the rain, especially when you know you will have a soggy, muddy tent to put back up again when you get home.  Making sure you have good waterproofs will make this easier from a personal comfort perspective.  Having an extra tarp or two can make it easier for you to keep things clean and dry whilst you are packing up.  

Camping in spring can be lovely, especially here in beautiful Somerset where we generally enjoy mild weather – however, being well prepared is the key to a successful trip.  If you don’t fancy braving the outdoors proper at this time of year – we do have our lovely static holiday homes and glamping pod as well as our touring and camping pitches!  Don’t forget - you can now check availability and book online