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Successful Winter Camping

Successful Winter Camping

Crisp, clear mornings; the crunch of frost underfoot; hot drinks in a cosy sleeping bag. Although camping in the winter sounds mad, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s gaining popularity for people looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle. The key to having an enjoyable experience is in the preparation. 

Use winter equipment

Trying to use summer camping equipment in the winter is a sure-fire way to have an unpleasant experience. A warm sleeping bag can make all the difference when the nights get cold. For winter camping, you want one designed for below freezing conditions. Although it might be tempting to save weight and pack a lighter one, don’t compromise on warmth. A sleeping bag liner is also a good idea to give another layer at night. 

The same principles apply to your tent. A flimsy pop-up tent isn’t what you want when the weather turns bad! Choose one that will keep you warm and dry through rain, wind, and even snow. Another point to consider is size. A large, roomy tent is nice but when it gets cold smaller is better, as it will trap heat more effectively. 

Get kitted out 

As well as the right tent and sleeping bag, there are several other pieces of equipment that become non-negotiable in winter. A stove for heating water and food is a nice addition in summer, but in winter it can make all the difference. A mug of hot chocolate or a hot meal on a cold night are part of the appeal of winter camping! Choose a stove that can cope with the cold and wind. Extra lighting also becomes more important in the winter, due to the extra hours of darkness. Remember that batteries don’t last as long in the cold so make sure to take spares. 

Arrive early 

It gets colder and darker much earlier in the winter than in summer. Pitching a tent when temperatures are already dropping and the light is fading isn’t much fun, so the earlier you arrive to the campsite the better. That way, when night comes you can already have the kettle on. 

Keep an eye on the weather

Camping in winter is a game of preparation against the elements. Gain the upper hand by paying close attention to the weather forecasts. Is it going to be heavy rain? Snow? High winds? Knowing what the weather is going to do allows you to prepare for it, rather than having a nasty surprise.  

Consider glamping!

Tent camping is attractive in the summer when the weather is nice, but in the winter consider the prospect of an insulated shelter with light and a comfy bed. Waking up in the great outdoors on a peaceful winter’s morning becomes even nicer without the fear of a flooded tent or a night spent shivering in a sleeping bag. 

If the thought of winter camping without the stress appeals, then our glamping pod could be perfect. Constructed from timber, the pod is designed to sleep two comfortably whatever the weather. For more information about availability or booking a short break in our Glamping Pod, visit our Glamping page, or contact us and we’ll be glad to help.