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Top 5 Tips for Spring Camping

Top 5 Tips for Spring Camping

If the recent spell of good weather has made you want to escape to the great outdoors, you aren’t alone. Spring has always been one our favourite times of the year to camp and the arrival of the sun in the last few weeks has remined us why. From the emergence of the first flowers of the season, the young lambs in the fields, and the orchestra of birdsong that greets campers in the morning, spring has so much to offer. Here’s our tips to make the most of it.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

The British springtime doesn’t have a reputation of being unpredictable for nothing – it could be glorious sunshine one minute and pouring it down the next. Much of the success of a spring camping trip will rely on you being able to roll with the punches of the weather. Make sure you have adequate wet weather gear for when the clouds roll in, and enough lighter gear to enjoy the sun.

Stay warm

Even when it’s been sunny all day don’t be surprised if night time temperatures turn chilly. If anything, clearer days mean colder nights! If you’re planning a trip early in the season don’t pack away your winter gear just yet – you might end up needing it. A warm sleeping bag is a must, and extra blankets are never a bad idea if you have space. There’s nothing worse than a night spent shivering because you don’t have enough bedding.


With all the springtime showers, the ground is very likely to be wet and muddy underfoot. A decent pair of wellies or walking boots is an obvious necessity when the ground is soaked but think about what you’re going to do with them when you aren’t wearing them to keep the inside of your tent clean.

In addition, when the ground is soft standard tent pegs can easily come loose when the wind gets high. Investing in some heavy-duty tent pegs can make all the difference.

Avoid cotton clothing

With the normal British springtime weather, it’s inevitable that you’re going to get wet at some point. As long as you’re wearing the right clothing, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Cotton is one of the materials you want to avoid if possible – when it gets wet it’s heavy, unpleasant, and takes a while to dry. Wearing quick drying or waterproof materials means you can just brush off the rain.


If an army marches on its stomach, so does a camping trip. When the weather is cold, nothing hits the spot like a warm meal. Be organised and take some things you can heat up for a quick hot meal when it gets chilly. Also, remember that if it’s raining heavily you might not be able to use your stove outdoors - local pubs are always a good option if that’s the case.

Spring can be a fantastic time to camp, but it requires more preparation than summer. If you fancy a trip without all the preparation, our static holiday homes or glamping pods might be more your style. You can check availability and book online now.