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Must have camping gadgets for 2019

Must have camping gadgets for 2019

Camping can be a wet, muddy, endurance test – but it doesn’t have to be. Bring the right gear and you can have endless happy nights sleeping outside. Whether you’re a hardcore wild camper or you prefer a few more creature comforts, the gear you bring can make or break the trip. Here’s our pick of the latest camping gadgets to make your next trip a success.

Primus Kinjia Camping Stove

Just because you’re heading into nature doesn’t mean you have to eat like an animal. For cooking up a feast, our pick is the Primus Kinjia Camping Stove (£145.95). With the perfect balance between power and portability, it can deal with cooking dinner for a family but easily folds up into something light enough to carry.

Esbit Titanium Stove

For ultimate portability, try the Esbit Titanium Stove (£14.99)- at just 11.5g, you won’t find a lighter stove. Just tuck it in your pack along with some fuel tablets and you’re set to go. You're not going to be able to cook Sunday lunch on it, but for times when you don't have space for a full stove it's ideal. It works even better if you can find space for a windshield - try the lightweight Vango Windshield (£10.39) to keep things compact.

Wacaco Minipress

Why forego your morning coffee while camping? The Wacaco Minipress is a handheld espresso maker that doesn't need any power to work, making it perfect for a camping trip. Instead, a semi-automatic piston is used to achieve the optimal extraction pressure to make a great espresso.

Anker Solar PowerPort

Although camping is a chance for a break from electronics, there’s no need to completely disconnect yourself with the Anker Solar PowerPort (£52.99). Using its solar technology, you can go off the grid without having to leave your essentials at home. Place it in the sunlight to charge and it can easily power your phone or other small electronic devices.

BioLite CampStove

For days when it isn't so bright outside, the BioLite CampStove (£129.99) provides an ingenious solution. A small wood-burning stove with an internal fan that produces a near-smokeless fire, it uses a thermoelectric generator to use excess heat from the fire to produce energy that can charge devices while you're cooking. A hot cup of tea and a charged phone? Sign us up.

Thermacell Halo

If your camping trips keep getting ruined by hoards of insects, bring the Thermacell Halo (£30.84) along for the next one. Using a scent and flame free insect repellent, it provides a 15 x 15 foot insect free space. Cordless, portable, and lightweight, it promises bite-free camping.

Coleman 360° Light and Sound Lantern

It's a lantern, it's a speaker, and it's the perfect gadget for when the sun goes down but you're still up. With an adjustable 400 lumen output, the Coleman 360 Light and Sound Lantern (£59.99) can as bright as you need, and the integrated Bluetooth speaker provides the sound to match.

With summer nearly upon us, there's no better time than now to book your next camping trip and try some of these gadgets out. Have a look at our website to check availability and plan your next adventure.