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Great recipes for campsite cooking

Great recipes for campsite cooking

One of the best things about going camping is the chance to cook and eat food outside. From camping staples like sausages, bacon, and beans to more elaborate affair, food always tastes better when you've cooked it under an open sky. All it takes is a bit of preparation and planning, and you'll be grilling up a feast with ease. For some inspiration, here's some of our favourite campsite meals.

The Classics

What's better than a burger cooked over a campfire? With or without cheese, salad, or sauce - however you like it, the classic burger is hard to beat. Next time you're camping, elevate your burger game by making the patty yourself. We like these apple cheddar burgers. Halloumi cheese also makes a great burger patty, and is simple to throw in your cool box.

Sausages are another staple that deserve their place as a campsite classic. Here in the heart of Somerset we love using local West Country cider and sauages to make this sticky cider & mustard sausage wheel.

Something Special

Want to go the extra mile? With a little prior preparation, you can easily make a seriously impressive campsite dinner.

A great way to cook more delicate things on a campfire is to use foil parcels. Fish like salmon works especially well using this method, and you can cook vegetables in the same parcel - have a look at this recipe. Wrapping the fish allows it to steam in its own juices, creating a perfectly moist and flaky fillet.

If you're camping with kids, they'll love this no-oven pizza, cooked in a frying pan. You can make the dough beforehand and chill it to take with you, along with whatever toppings you want. Rather than putting it under the grill, just cover it with a lid or foil to melt the top.

For an extra special campsite dinner, you can repurpose your cool box to slow-cook food over the course of the day. Although typically used to keep food cold, the insulation of the cooler also works to retain heat - just line the bottom with a towel to protect it. One of the best things to try this with is ribs, which when cooked low and slow become irresistably tender. Put a dry rub on your ribs at home and then throw them on the barbeque in the morning after you've cooked breakfast. While they're cooking, make a quick marinade with barbeque sauce, oil, liquid, and some of the dry rub, and brush it on the ribs until they become coated and the sauce sticks. Wrap them in foil, put them back on the heat until the foil gets hot, and put them in the cooler for the day. When you take them out in the evening, they should perfectly tender.

If these recipes have given you the inspiration for your next camping trip, we have a choice of accommodation from large grass and hardstanding pitches for your own tent or caravan as well as our fabulous static caravan holiday homes. Have a look at our website for bookings - we hope to see you over summer!