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The benefits of a Glamping Holiday in Beautiful Somerset

The benefits of a Glamping Holiday in Beautiful Somerset
Camping is a great way to relax and unwind from the pressure of modern life and it’s ‘always-on’ mentality.  Spending some time away from technology allows you the time to recharge your batteries and enjoy being out of contact for a while.  Free from the usual chores of day to day life, camping breaks can be great thinking time and enable you to spend quality time with friends and family.     

Spending time outdoors is what camping is all about.  Whether your ideal camping break is being active and filling your day with hiking, canoeing or cycling or, if simply enjoying the peace of the countryside and having nothing much to do is more your thing, camping allows you to spend time in the fresh air and appreciate mother nature.      

So far so good, but, now for some the realities of camping… Anyone who has ever tried to pitch or take down a tent in the rain, slept on a leaky, squeaky airbed in a restrictive sleeping bag, had cold feet, been plunged into premature darkness when their camping lantern dies and, when it’s all over, wondered how you are going to fit all that stuff back in your car, will know that camping can also feel like hard work sometimes.   

That’s where ‘Glamping’ comes in.  A 21st Century phenomenum, Glamorous Camping, or ‘Glamping’ is camping without the downside.  You still get to spend time in the great outdoors and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, barbecue, stargaze, spend time with friends and family and maybe even toast marshmallows, and then, you get to spend the night in a proper comfy bed and wake up feeling well rested to the sound of the birds.  Glamping in an insulated timber pod keeps you warm and weatherproof, no matter what is happening outside (this is England after all…)  Glamping also allows you to extend the camping season into Autumn or even Winter and enjoy the countryside out of season.  With no tent to put up or take down, you also get to spend more of your break enjoying yourself.  Book a Glamping break with us, here in beautiful Somerset, and enjoy the benefits of camping, without the downsides.  Our fully insulated timber pod sleeps two adults in complete comfort in a proper bed. For more information on our new Glamping pod, visit our Glamping page