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Buying a Static Caravan

Buying a Static Caravan

Do you ever feel like getting away from it all on the spur of the moment? How about taking a holiday every weekend? As amazing as this sounds, it is not always very practical deciding to go on a staycation at short notice.

Most, if not all, accommodation will have been booked up months in advance. Even before COVID the chance of being able to find a place to stay during the summer season with less than a week’s notice was practically zero (possibly minus zero if you have a dog!).

This is especially true in Somerset and the South West. A survey conducted in March 2021 ( revealed that out of the total people asked, 24 percent said that the South West of England was the leading domestic destination for any staycation lasting for more than one overnight stay. That is near enough a quarter of all respondents, compared to just 13 percent (the next highest) for the North West and a measly 8 percent for London.

So what if we told you that there was a way to ensure that you always had somewhere to stay, within driving distance and no booking would ever be required. It gets even better - all your favourite things are already there so all you need to do is turn up. Got a dog? Maybe two? No problem this place is dog friendly - they even have their own pet beds there. Why not bring friends too?

Go big or go home ..... to your static caravan!

As part of our expansion of Southfork Caravan Park, we have now been given the green light to install 16 static caravans for private holiday home ownership.

The first unit to arrive in Somerset was a Willerby Linwood, which arrived on site in October 2021. Another unit, Brookwood, will follow in April 2022. Further plots are in development which will enable you to choose the most suitable Holiday Caravan for that plot.

If you are not quite convinced then read on to see why static caravan ownership at Southfork Caravan Park in Somerset is a great investment.

1. Affordability

Owning a static caravan is a great way to have luxury holiday accommodation which, if looking to invest in traditional bricks and mortar, would otherwise be outside of your budget. There is a lot of maintenance involved in the running of a holiday house which you just don’t get with a static caravan. With apartments, or holiday flats, there may be hidden costs which cover maintenance of shared areas which you may not have factored in.

At Southfork we are working in partnership with Southern Counties Leisure, who are also based in Somerset. Experts in the field of static caravan supply for use as holiday homes, Southern Counties Leisure are a leading distributor of Willerby Caravans and are renowned for their high standards and excellent customer care.

2. Access to amazing locations

Based in Martock, Somerset, Southfork Caravan Park is situated in a beautiful, central Westcountry location. It is an ideal base for exploring not only Somerset but is within easy reach of the beautiful Dorset and Devon also.

With fantastic coastlines (North Somerset, Devon and Dorset), dramatic moorland (Exmoor, Quantocks and Dartmoor) and bustling cities (Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth) on your doorstep, Southfork makes a great location for a staycation and really does offer something for everyone.

3. No towing required

Freedom is underrated and there is nothing better than knowing that once work finishes on a Friday, you can jump in your car with minimal possessions and be in a luxury Willerby Caravan in an hour or two, where all your belongings are as you left them from the previous week.

As much as we love caravans and tourers, they do require more planning - picture trying to tow a caravan on a whim and find somewhere to house it for the weekend at short notice. For starters we are pretty certain you probably couldn’t come straight from work!

Once sited, you can put your feet up, enjoy magnificent views and look forward to a relaxing day, weekend or even week ahead.

4. Holidays to suit you

Choosing to buy a static caravan at Southfork Caravan Park means that you can come and go as you please.

There is no limit on the number of holidays which can be taken and providing you are not using it as a main place of residence then you could be there every weekend if you wanted!

5. No organisation required

We cannot stress enough how this is one of the best reasons (other than the affordability) to consider investing in a static caravan. Again, we love camping and touring but we know it is not for everyone. By investing in a static caravan, you can go away knowing that there is not a huge amount of prep for you when you get to the site. Camping requires a lot of kit and equipment - it also takes a long time to get ready once you arrive on site. The beauty of having a your own static caravan is that everything is as you left it the last time you visited, there is no need to re-make the beds (or pump them up!), or hook up to the electric and gas. It is all there!

Take a look for yourself

To get an idea of size and pricing for our Static Caravans why not take a look at our ‘Holiday Home Ownership in Somerset’ page. There is information regarding the Willerby Linwood where you can get an idea of specifications and sizes.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of investing in a static holiday home in Somerset then please do get in touch, we are more than happy to help and advise.