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Keep your cool - camping in hot weather

Keep your cool - camping in hot weather

With a reputation for being rainy and grey, the UK actually has an interesting and sometimes extreme climate. It is not unusual to find ourselves basking in glorious sunshine during the month of May. In recent years temperatures have soared around the May Day bank holidays and we have enjoyed mini heatwaves with temperatures averaging between 20 - 24 degrees.

With the MET office predicting higher temperatures again for this coming May, we thought it would be good to take a look at how to keep cool when camping and touring!

Location, location, location

The key to keeping cool when touring and camping is to pick the right pitch. Utilise the surrounding environment by pitching or parking up under some leafy trees. Ensuring that your pitch is flat, open and level, allows air flow to circulate. If you decide to camp in a valley right up next to the base of a cliff you may notice it is more stuffy and humid due to the sheltered location (less air flow!). Many pitches at Southfork benefit from the shade of the surrounding trees and all are level.


Obvious but important! Drinking water is the number one way to ensure you keep cool and hydrated in the warmer weather whilst touring or camping. Checking out the facilities of where you are planning on staying is a must. Like Southfork, most campsites will have good access to water and facilities. When booking one of our electric pitches many seasoned campers now bring mini camping fridges which can be purchased from any reputable supplier. If you have a cool box, filling it with ice and cold water before you set off will help ensure that any foods needing to be chilled won’t perish during the journey to Southfork. If you are wild camping, you must ensure you are near a good clean water source.


Opening up all vents, doors and windows in your tent or tourer will ensure a good source of air-flow, leaving them open in the evening will also encourage the cooler air to circulate. Use the natural elements to try and encourage air flow - such as positioning your tent, tourer or caravan door to face any oncoming breeze. A tent with plenty of mesh means that you can open up your tent and not worry about insects feasting on you during the night.

Using shades and blinds will help to keep the sun out of any caravan or tourer and in camping, a reflective sunshade will keep the warm sauna-feeling at bay. If positioned right, you could even another hour in bed before it gets too hot! If you don’t have anything reflective using a tarp just to create shade will also help.

If you are feeling like this may not be enough, booking a Southfork pitch with electric means you will be able to bring a portable camping fan, you can even get one with foam blades for use in close quarters!

Keeping yourself cool

It is an old solution but a good one - soaking a wet towel and placing across your forehead or behind your neck can do wonders for keeping body temperature down and prevent that overheating feeling. Taking a cold shower in the evening before settling down for the night will also help to make you feel cooler and more comfortable.

The clothes you wear will also have an effect on how warm you feel. Packing light coloured, loose clothing will help the airflow to circulate around you. Take note of the material as well, natural fibres like cotton and linen will make you feel less warm, enabling your skin to breathe and release heat rather than man-made fibres such as Polyester which will contain the heat and add to the sweatiness! Sleeping bags are mostly made of synthetic materials so whilst in winter you feel warm and toasty, (they are designed to trap heat) summertime is a different story. There are cotton sleeping bags on the market, however they can be expensive and experience has shown us that a cotton sheet will work just as well at a fraction of the cost.

Remembering to wear sunscreen during the day will also help you feel cooler in the evening. Sunburnt skin will feel hot to the touch and will increase your body temperature, not only will it feel sore, sunburn will also make it uncomfortable to sleep.

Go outside

We don’t normally go camping and touring only to sit in the tent, caravan or tourer all day and Summer is certainly no exception. Make use of the warmer daytime weather to go and enjoy some time away during the hottest part of the day.

Southfork Caravan Park is located within walking distance of the River Parrett, so you can cool yourself off with a leisurely shaded walk along the river or perhaps a spot of fishing without having to get in a hot car.

Southfork is also within easy reach of the Blackdown Hills where you can enjoy stunning views on a clear day and the temperature at the top will certainly feel cooler than the bottom (you just have to get there first!)

Somerset also has plenty of natural water sources for swimming in (check the Somerset and Exmoor wild swimming website) or take a trip to the North Somerset coast where there are a selection of amazing beaches to spend a day at (check the Beach Guide website).

Thinking of touring or camping this Spring and Summer? Check out our Touring and Camping page on the website for further information on tariffs, availability and booking. Alternatively, contact us online for further advice and information, or via the phone on 01935 825661.