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Making your Motorhome or Caravan ready for Spring

Making your Motorhome or Caravan ready for Spring

After the hustle and bustle of the Christmas period, many of us are starting to turn our focus to our first holiday of the season. Spring is just around the corner, every day that passes gives us a few more minutes of daylight and the temperatures ‘should’ be starting to rise.

Unless you are a hardened all-season camper, it is likely that your motorhome or caravan has spent the Winter months hibernating and, as advanced as any motorhome or caravan is, there are a few things you will need to do to make sure that your first holiday of the season goes smoothly.

Here at Southfork Caravan Park, we provide on-site storage and servicing for motorhome, caravan and trailer tent owners, so with this in mind, we thought we would offer some advice on getting your motorhome or caravan ready for Spring and Summer.

Leaks and Damp

Ensuring that you check all upholstery, carpets and blinds/curtains is a must. This is a quick way to see whether there have been any leaks whilst stored over Winter. If you smell damp or detect any moisture, get a de-humidifier in there asap and open up the doors and windows to get rid of any lingering moisture. It is crucial to locate and fix any sources of leaks before setting off - usual culprits include skylights, however make sure all doors, windows and external panels are checked and fixed if required.

Water System

As responsible Motorhome or Caravan owners, we can guarantee that pretty much all of you reading this will have emptied all tanks (fresh and waste) at the end of the last season. However, as conscientious as you all are, there is still likely to be some residue that has sat in the water system over the Winter months, full of lovely bacteria! With this in mind, we would recommend sterilising the water system. It is a simple enough job, pop some sterilising solution into your tank (referring to the manufacturers directions) and fill with water. Once completed, re-fill the tank with water and flush through the system, repeating a few times. This will ensure that no one will suddenly become ill on the first night of your holiday!

Gas System

It is imperative to make sure that if you have a gas system installed, it is working correctly. Before testing any of the appliances make sure that there is no damage to the hoses and that all connectors are tight. If you are in any doubt whatsoever then it is vital to have a professional check the system to ensure that the system is safe and not hazardous to health.

Leisure Battery

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find out that there is an issue with your leisure battery and you have no power! Checking the voltage and health of your leisure battery prior to departure should be part of your pre-holiday routine. If your vehicle doesn’t have an onboard voltage panel, you can use either a multimeter or voltmeter - however always ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off prior to checking the voltage and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Time to Clean

Despite our best efforts, there will always be dust, we are not sure where it comes from but we know it always gathers undisturbed until Spring! Giving your Motorhome or Caravan a thorough clean inside is not only a good way (obviously!) to remove the layer of dust that has inevitably built up, but it will also help highlight any fixtures and fittings that may need mending or replacing. The dirt will have built up externally too so again, a good clean will not only help prolong your motorhome or caravan’s life, it will also highlight any areas that require attention. This includes a thorough check of the windscreen to highlight any cracks or damage that may deteriorate when out on the road.


Check all tyres for any damage, splits or worn treads and replace asap if required. Ensure that the tyre pressure is correct, this can be found in the manufacturer’s documentation or may be detailed in the vehicle itself (i.e window sticker). If you are not sure, here at Southfork we can service your motorhome, caravan or trailer tent which will include the checking of tyres.

Book a Service

It is good practice to get your motorhome serviced once a year as this will ensure that any faults which are likely to impair your ability to control the vehicle are flagged up and fixed. An annual service will help prolong the life of your motorhome or caravan and will also detect any issues as soon as they arise which is far less costly. At Southfork Caravan Park we have an on-site workshop for caravan and motorhome servicing, repairs and advice. Our location in Somerset near to the M5, A30 and A38 is an ideal service stop when en-route to the Westcountry. We have also recently opened The Ranch - a café/deli and farm shop so why not stop for a rest and stock up. You may even decide to stay!

MOT, Tax and Insurance

Out of sight and out of mind. We all know how easy it is to forget things once we are not presented with them every day, however ensuring that your motorhome or caravan is roadworthy and correctly insured is a legal requirement. Contacting a specialist insurer who deals with motorhomes and caravans specifically will ensure that you get the most appropriate cover for your needs. Many insurance companies will contact you before your insurance is due and you can now set up text reminders for your MOT via the Gov website. Tax can also be paid via direct debit, however if you have had your vehicle registered as off-road (SORN) for the winter months then you would need to remember to apply for tax also!

Renewing any Memberships

On the subject of renewing, although these renewals are much more interesting than MOT, Tax and Insurance, make sure any passes, subscriptions and memberships are renewed and that all guides are up to date before you depart.

Servicing and Storage at Southfork Caravan Park

Here at Southfork Caravan Park, we operate a storage facility for touring caravans, motorhomes and trailer tents on our site in Somerset with access to electric and waste disposal either before or after your journey.

With an on-site workshop you can also have your motorhome, caravan or trailer tent serviced, washed and waxed ready for your first journey.

Our Parts and Accessory shop stocks all the essentials that you would need including Toilet Chemicals, Filters and Cleaning Products.

For more information on motorhome, caravan and trailer tent storage and servicing please contact us.